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Carlson Wireless Technologies (aka Carlson Wireless or just Carlson for short) was founded in 1999 by Jim Carlson, a 25-year industry veteran with a passion for rural connectivity solutions. Our rural office roots allow for a deep understanding of the needs of rural customers and resellers internationally. Our systems are known for ingenuity, reliability, low power consumption, proprietary network security and fixed low latency. Our business is known for solid customer relationships and world-class customer service.

We design and manufacture fixed-wireless products for terrain based communications. Specializing in hard-to-reach regions and remote operations, Carlson Wireless offers a range of microwave and UHF radio products for high-capacity data and voice delivery systems, including the TrailBlazer and LongHaul™. Carlson Wireless has also developed the FCC-certified RuralConnect®, which uses UHF TV channels to provide broadband data to remote areas. This spectrum provides deep coverage for long-distant, non-line-of-sight (NLOS), Internet connectivity to under-served communities over hills and through foliage. Recently, the company has been exploring the application of this technology for use in the exciting emerging market for the Internet of Things.